Tuesday – a quick update 

Sorry for being quiet but I have a cold and haven’t felt like taking photos or writing very much.

I have been crocheting some Christmas ideas and Velvet has been enjoying sitting on my lap.  I got up, and here he is, guarding my cardigan and crochet!


Friday. Jobs and preparing for the weekend. Or ‘Judith the car starter’.

We have our concert tomorrow as mentioned before.

And so DD, K and her boyfriend R will be visiting which is really nice.  So I did the usual ironing plus preparing our concert clothes – formal white shirt, black suit and black bow tie for the men, and long black skirts and black plain tops for the women, and then tidied K’s room by putting away the ironing board and stuff.  Velvet saw this as a secret message!

I did tell him K was visiting but I don’t think he really understands, but something made him move into her room after ignoring it for weeks.

It could be that he is scared of the ironing board (who knows why).

R was going out to his CSG Choir at lunchtime but his car wouldn’t start.  It has been on the road since the drive cleaning on Tuesday.  Anyway he took me car, and I did the ‘Judith, miracle car starter’ act and then had to drive it around for 20 minutes to ensure the battery was OK.  I gave it a good ‘thrashing’ up and down a local duel-carriageway just in case!

Then a quiet afternoon of crochet for Christmas presents so I can’t add photos yet. 

I will have a think about Eden Hills Friday themes tomorrow and have some more pictures for you all.  Have a nice a Friday evening.

Tuesday – grey and cold, so let’s have the drive cleaned!

Last night we had the first ground frost of the year here in the Midlands.  The outdoor temperature dropped to -5° C last night, and was still below 0° when the sun rose.

Here is a picture of the garden – not very clear.

We had arranged to have our front drive cleaned today, and I must admit I felt sorry for the workman in this weather, but he was well wrapped up.  Here are the ‘before’ and ‘nearly done’ photos.  He will return tomorrow to re-sand it.

Obviously it looks cleaner, but it also removes all the weeds and moss which can be slippy in icy weather.  The change of colour in the right hand side is where we had the drive extended and the bricks have weathered slightly differently.  Anyway a really nice result.

Velvet is also feeling the cold weather, and has slept by a radiator all morning and has now climbed into the gap between by computer tower and printer and is sleeping on some balls of wool!

He is so black that it is difficult to see which way round he is!

I am having a ‘keep warm’ sort of lazy day, with a church warden’s meeting this evening.

Sunday 30th October 2016

Another rather grey day but some Autumn colour in the garden.


The clocks went back this morning so I had a bit of a lie in.

Then to church.  R walked and I drove expecting to be sidesman, but ended up also doing tea and coffee on my own!  All went well though, and I had a nice chat to S.  I volunteered to drive next Saturday to the craft afternoon and her other friend isn’t going so it should be a nice chance to chat and craft.

The service was nice and I got to see quite a few people, although the congregation was quite small – probably as it is the end of half term.  Also affected the size of the choir, with only 6 men.

Velvet is still being very vocal, and following me around, then crashing asleep!


After finishing the back entries I completed my crochet sheep.



And here is the earlier cat.