Friday’s Hunt

Hi. Sorry for the lack of posts but I am still suffering with a cold and cough.

Here are this week’s themes from Eden Hills’ Friday’s Hunt.

1. Starts with a U – upstairs.

Taken from the upstairs back bedroom window.  It has been much colder here this week, and this was the first proper frost on the back garden with some lovely sun and autumn colours.

2. Week’s favourite 

I cooked smoked salmon, prawn and vegetable risotto and took quite a lot of ‘work in progress’ photos.  Very tasty.

3. Nature.

Some little hidden bits of colour still in the garden.  Berries on this tiny shrub and a primula flower.

I hope to resume more frequent blog posts this week.  Enjoy your weekend.


Tuesday – grey and cold, so let’s have the drive cleaned!

Last night we had the first ground frost of the year here in the Midlands.  The outdoor temperature dropped to -5° C last night, and was still below 0° when the sun rose.

Here is a picture of the garden – not very clear.

We had arranged to have our front drive cleaned today, and I must admit I felt sorry for the workman in this weather, but he was well wrapped up.  Here are the ‘before’ and ‘nearly done’ photos.  He will return tomorrow to re-sand it.

Obviously it looks cleaner, but it also removes all the weeds and moss which can be slippy in icy weather.  The change of colour in the right hand side is where we had the drive extended and the bricks have weathered slightly differently.  Anyway a really nice result.

Velvet is also feeling the cold weather, and has slept by a radiator all morning and has now climbed into the gap between by computer tower and printer and is sleeping on some balls of wool!

He is so black that it is difficult to see which way round he is!

I am having a ‘keep warm’ sort of lazy day, with a church warden’s meeting this evening.