Crochet spring rabbit

Here is my latest crochet project from  A pretty spring rabbit with optional carrot!  I learned a lot about toy safety eyes in the making! And also how to make fabric circles that won’t fray.

I have just started a little grey rabbit to be her friend!


Tuesday – a quick update 

Sorry for being quiet but I have a cold and haven’t felt like taking photos or writing very much.

I have been crocheting some Christmas ideas and Velvet has been enjoying sitting on my lap.  I got up, and here he is, guarding my cardigan and crochet!

Saturday – crafting at TOFT alpaca farm. 

So this afternoon in went to TOFT with a friend.

We had booked onto a crochet workshop to learn how to make a shih tzu dog!  Here is what the finished product should look like.

I had never been to this type of event before and had no real idea what would happen.  Firstly, it is at one end of the shop, so it is very ‘on show’ to the visiting public, and the shop and tea room were very busy.  There are about 8 of us, but 2 seemed to be doing their own projects.  Maybe staff?  Who knows.  Emma was our instructor and she was very patient.  We were given a nice kit in one of their project bags with the pattern, 3 colours of wool and a crochet hook.

Then we were instructed to start crocheting up to where we had 18 stitches (about 4 rounds I think).  Then we were shown how to do a loop stitch.  Well shown and then shown again and then again….. until we got it!  These loops will be cut at then end to make the shaggy coat.  So we continued following the pattern and ‘looping’, punctuated by a lovely cup of tea and a piece of cake.  So after our two hours I have made about 2/3 of the dogs body!

Not obviously a dog yet!  If I show you the inside you can see the shaping a bit better. (The orange wool is a marker for the start of each round).

And here is perhaps a more helpful picture?  Imagine the loops cut?

Emma also gave us detailed instructions on how to assemble the various parts to make the finished dog, and showed us a lot of other animals.

So an interesting and very new experience!

Home again now for a relaxing evening trying to ignore the fireworks which I really dislike!

Many thanks for those of you who have ‘liked’ and followed- I will catch up with your blogs soon.

Friday – baking

A strange start to the day as I woke up and R wasn’t there.  Not unusual in itself, but I called ‘hello’, which usually results in a cup of tea, but no response.  After 10 minutes I went downstairs and couldn’t find him!  Checked upstairs – no.  Looked outside to see that his car was missing and only then did I remember that he was going to Walsall campus to take the Happy Cubes back!

After breakfast I decided to do some baking, so picked a chocolate shortbread recipe for the GBBO book.  Using the mixer I followed the recipe but instead of a dough I got chocolate coloured breadcrumbs.  No idea why.  So I added an egg and put the mixture in a baking tin, and the result was fine.  Also prepared flapjacks mixture but couldn’t cook it until the shortbread was cool enough to turn out.

Chocolate shortbread on the left, and a few of the flapjacks on the right.

Lunch was focaccia and soup which was lovely.  Then baked then flapjacks and went upstairs to crochet.  I finished the dragon egg bag which is very pretty and then found a flowery bag to start, which is quite complex but again pretty.

It is now 7pm and R has gone to choir practice and I will be cooking pizza for dinner shortly.

Sunday 30th October 2016

Another rather grey day but some Autumn colour in the garden.


The clocks went back this morning so I had a bit of a lie in.

Then to church.  R walked and I drove expecting to be sidesman, but ended up also doing tea and coffee on my own!  All went well though, and I had a nice chat to S.  I volunteered to drive next Saturday to the craft afternoon and her other friend isn’t going so it should be a nice chance to chat and craft.

The service was nice and I got to see quite a few people, although the congregation was quite small – probably as it is the end of half term.  Also affected the size of the choir, with only 6 men.

Velvet is still being very vocal, and following me around, then crashing asleep!


After finishing the back entries I completed my crochet sheep.



And here is the earlier cat.