Friday’s Hunt

Hi. Sorry for the lack of posts but I am still suffering with a cold and cough.

Here are this week’s themes from Eden Hills’ Friday’s Hunt.

1. Starts with a U – upstairs.

Taken from the upstairs back bedroom window.  It has been much colder here this week, and this was the first proper frost on the back garden with some lovely sun and autumn colours.

2. Week’s favourite 

I cooked smoked salmon, prawn and vegetable risotto and took quite a lot of ‘work in progress’ photos.  Very tasty.

3. Nature.

Some little hidden bits of colour still in the garden.  Berries on this tiny shrub and a primula flower.

I hope to resume more frequent blog posts this week.  Enjoy your weekend.


Catching up (26/10-29/10).

Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th were fairly quiet days.  I went to Tesco’s to refill the fridge and we caught up on the washing and ironing.  Both feeling quite tired and also feeling the cold compared to Spain.

On Thursday lunchtime I went to M&D’s for lunch with Ali, M and F.  It was lovely to catch up with Ali.  Her job is going well, but it is long hours and a steep learning curve.  She is very hopeful of a full-time job with them next September.  We also discussed going on holiday together next September which would be fun.  I had cooked some scones/rock cakes which I shared with M&D.

Dad is pleased with his indoor rollator which was delivered that day.  Mom cooked a nice salmon lunch, but is obviously having great trouble with her hands.

On Friday  we went to the social club quiz with P,  which was fun, but we didn’t do as well as usual.

On Saturday rather grey day. I cleaned the bathroom and toilets and we walked to the shops for some chicken from the butchers.  I also bought some early Christmas cards from St Giles. Lunch was the bargain pizza from Tescos with additional toppings, and sharing the tuna with Velvet.  I had a quick chat with Tony, Pam’s son.  The house is going on the market next week for £320,000.  I hope nice people buy it.

R cooked lemon pepper chicken for dinner which was lovely and we watched SCD, Have I got News for you (from Friday) and the Egghead final.