Advent begins.

Yesterday was the 1st Sunday in Advent.  I always enjoy this Church lead up to Christmas.  In the morning we had a nice service which included lighting th 1st Advent Candle.

The alter cloth is actually purple, but looks red in this photo.

In the evening we had an Advent Procession.

This starts with the church in darkness and the choir at the rear, west end of the church.  They introduce the theme of th service which is based around the Great Advent Antiphons.  These were originally sung at the Choral Evensong services from December 17th to 23rd.

The choir then processes through ththe church to the Nave and lights begin to be turned on, and all the congregation receive a candle which has been lit from the Advent Candle.  The service continues with Antiphons, Advent carols sung by the choir, congregational hymns, reading and prayers.  The choir moves first to the choir seats and then finally to the High Altar for the concluding part, and then exit in silence.

Very moving and uplifting.  A fitting start to our Advent season.

Here is a picture from the summer to show how smart they all look.


Sunday – 3rd Sunday before Advent

I am posting here for Edenhills Friday Hunt and also to catch up with some of today.

1. Starts with an S

Apologies for repeating some of yesterday’s post but it has to be the Shih Tzu crochet dog which I started/attempted yesterday at the TOFT Alpaca workshop.  Here is what is should look like when finished:

And here is my WIP after 2 hours:

It should be noted that the loops will be cut at the end to form the long dangly fur.  Great fun!

2. Week’s favourite.  The weather here has started to turn colder and very Autumnal, and we had a very light frost one morning with a glorious sunrise.

The garden is looking lovely and R has worked hard at tidying and cutting back.

3. Amazing.  R and I sing in several choirs.  R sings in our church choir, which is men and boys.  Here they are looking amazingly smart in our lovely church.

Today is the 3rd Sunday before Advent.  Here is the music list:


10.00 a.m. Responsorial Psalm: 17

 Caesar: Missa Brevis

 Let thy merciful ears Mudd

 349 625 313 114

6.30 p.m. Responses: Reading

Psalm: 40 (1-13) Lang

 Dyson in F

Thou wilt keep him S.S.Wesley
367 362

And I had the first reading from The Book of Job 19. 23-27a. Probably my shortest reading ever.

Please follow for mor Friday Hunt.