Recipes from the past.

Whilst I really enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes, sometimes it is nice to do an old favourite.

This is called ‘Hot meat loaf’ from a book called ‘The Pauper’s Cookbook’ which I first owned in the late 1970’s at university.  My copy was so well used that it fell apart and I managed to buy a replacement copy from the marvellous Barter Books in Alnwick. 

I always play around with the recipe depending on what I have to hand.

 So here I have chopped onion, peppers carrot and mushrooms with the bread soaked with red wine and red wine vinegar.
Then the minced beef is added with seasoning and an egg to bind it all together.  And the sauce is made from tomato ketchup, wine vinegar, Worcester sauce and chilli sauce.

And here are before baking and after baking shots.  (Please excuse th state of the casserole dish, it also dates from the 1970’s!). As you can see it bakes to a nice crust. Or you can cover with a lid and get a runnier sauce.  

Here served with cauliflower cheese, but equally nice with a simple jacket potato.  You could serve side vegetables but not really necessary as there are plenty of veggies in the loaf.

Plus plenty of leftovers.


Author: judithandhercat

A retired maths teacher who loves cats, gardens, family, technology, cooking, reading and maths!

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