Friday – baking

A strange start to the day as I woke up and R wasn’t there.  Not unusual in itself, but I called ‘hello’, which usually results in a cup of tea, but no response.  After 10 minutes I went downstairs and couldn’t find him!  Checked upstairs – no.  Looked outside to see that his car was missing and only then did I remember that he was going to Walsall campus to take the Happy Cubes back!

After breakfast I decided to do some baking, so picked a chocolate shortbread recipe for the GBBO book.  Using the mixer I followed the recipe but instead of a dough I got chocolate coloured breadcrumbs.  No idea why.  So I added an egg and put the mixture in a baking tin, and the result was fine.  Also prepared flapjacks mixture but couldn’t cook it until the shortbread was cool enough to turn out.

Chocolate shortbread on the left, and a few of the flapjacks on the right.

Lunch was focaccia and soup which was lovely.  Then baked then flapjacks and went upstairs to crochet.  I finished the dragon egg bag which is very pretty and then found a flowery bag to start, which is quite complex but again pretty.

It is now 7pm and R has gone to choir practice and I will be cooking pizza for dinner shortly.


Author: judithandhercat

A retired maths teacher who loves cats, gardens, family, technology, cooking, reading and maths!

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