Tuesday and a new month.

I can’t really believe it is November already.  I had a nice lie in, and joined by velvet!  

R went out to his 3D visit to a synagogue.  After breakfast I research dough hooks and decided to make bread rolls by hand!  I used the new yeast which needs to be activated first and the bread roll recipe in the GBBO book (halved).  Nice to kneed, so fingers crossed.

After the first kneeding.before proving.

The proving took longer than the recipe, probably because the kitchen wasn’t warm enough, so I put the oven on with the door open.

After provingready for final proveready for lunch!
Whilst they were proving I hoovered the whole house!

Yes and 5 1/2 were eaten for lunch with soup and cold stuff!  I guess I should have made the whole batch.  Very soft and tasty.

After lunch I went over to Paul’s and fed Hermes.  Cold outside.

Dinner was peppered smoked mackerel with pasta, leeks and tomato, which was really nice. I made it and ate mine whilst R was at maths club, and then I went to Walsall Choral. A slightly different rehearsal as Toby was busy at school, so Bernard led it.  Rather more  formal with lots of part learning.  I quit liked it but I imagine others might feel either embarrassed or bored.

Home about 9:30, R watched TV and I caught up a bit more with GBM on BBC IPlayer.  Bed about 11ish.


Author: judithandhercat

A retired maths teacher who loves cats, gardens, family, technology, cooking, reading and maths!

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