Crochet spring rabbit

Here is my latest crochet project from  A pretty spring rabbit with optional carrot!  I learned a lot about toy safety eyes in the making! And also how to make fabric circles that won’t fray.

I have just started a little grey rabbit to be her friend!


Advent begins.

Yesterday was the 1st Sunday in Advent.  I always enjoy this Church lead up to Christmas.  In the morning we had a nice service which included lighting th 1st Advent Candle.

The alter cloth is actually purple, but looks red in this photo.

In the evening we had an Advent Procession.

This starts with the church in darkness and the choir at the rear, west end of the church.  They introduce the theme of th service which is based around the Great Advent Antiphons.  These were originally sung at the Choral Evensong services from December 17th to 23rd.

The choir then processes through ththe church to the Nave and lights begin to be turned on, and all the congregation receive a candle which has been lit from the Advent Candle.  The service continues with Antiphons, Advent carols sung by the choir, congregational hymns, reading and prayers.  The choir moves first to the choir seats and then finally to the High Altar for the concluding part, and then exit in silence.

Very moving and uplifting.  A fitting start to our Advent season.

Here is a picture from the summer to show how smart they all look.

Recipes from the past.

Whilst I really enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes, sometimes it is nice to do an old favourite.

This is called ‘Hot meat loaf’ from a book called ‘The Pauper’s Cookbook’ which I first owned in the late 1970’s at university.  My copy was so well used that it fell apart and I managed to buy a replacement copy from the marvellous Barter Books in Alnwick. 

I always play around with the recipe depending on what I have to hand.

 So here I have chopped onion, peppers carrot and mushrooms with the bread soaked with red wine and red wine vinegar.
Then the minced beef is added with seasoning and an egg to bind it all together.  And the sauce is made from tomato ketchup, wine vinegar, Worcester sauce and chilli sauce.

And here are before baking and after baking shots.  (Please excuse th state of the casserole dish, it also dates from the 1970’s!). As you can see it bakes to a nice crust. Or you can cover with a lid and get a runnier sauce.  

Here served with cauliflower cheese, but equally nice with a simple jacket potato.  You could serve side vegetables but not really necessary as there are plenty of veggies in the loaf.

Plus plenty of leftovers.

Friday’s Hunt

Hi. Sorry for the lack of posts but I am still suffering with a cold and cough.

Here are this week’s themes from Eden Hills’ Friday’s Hunt.

1. Starts with a U – upstairs.

Taken from the upstairs back bedroom window.  It has been much colder here this week, and this was the first proper frost on the back garden with some lovely sun and autumn colours.

2. Week’s favourite 

I cooked smoked salmon, prawn and vegetable risotto and took quite a lot of ‘work in progress’ photos.  Very tasty.

3. Nature.

Some little hidden bits of colour still in the garden.  Berries on this tiny shrub and a primula flower.

I hope to resume more frequent blog posts this week.  Enjoy your weekend.

Friday’s Favourites with Eden Hills

This week’s themes are:

1. Starts with a T.  I struggled with this one a bit, so it may be a little contrived.  Today is Remembrance Sunday and so there are lots of messages on social media.  I particularly liked this ‘Tweet’

This was accompanied by the words which were also used in today’s church service.

“They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them.”

2. Week’s favourite.  Those of your you who have seen recent blog entries will know that we performed in a concert last night.  It was a lovely evening, and I do think we look smart!

3. The rule of thirds. I must admit I had to look up what this meant.  I think this photo almost follows the idea.

Please visit the Eden Hills blog and maybe join in next week?